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What is a TOL Brief

A TOL Brief is the perfect legal explainer featuring lawyers, judges, and law professors. It’s not a law school course, it’s a simple but powerful response to a specific question.

They can be questions from your daily life, such as “When can the police search a car?” or “When can the government read personal emails?” TOL briefs can also speak to the crucial social justice issues of our time, such as “When can the police use deadly force?”

Our TOL Briefs are all made by lawyers or under the supervision of and reviewed by a lawyer or law professor.

While we receive submissions from across the country and around the world, we only release the best explainers that meet our rigorous criteria. We're not just talking about video quality and audio quality. TOL Briefs are made by lawyers that are the perfect combination of knowledgeable and inspired to communicate in a clear and enjoyable way.


Propose a Topic / Nominate an Expert

Have a legal question that you think might make for a good TOL Brief? Inspire our next explainer. Propose a topic, and we just may find a lawyer to explain it! Propose a Topic.

Know a lawyer who's incredibly knowledgeable AND an amazing communicator? Nominate the lawyer for a TOL Brief! We'll reach out to your nominee and tell them how to film a Brief. Nominate an Attorney.


TalksOnLaw Is Not Your Lawyer

TOL videos or posts provide insight into an area of law but are intended to be an introduction to or a limited overview of the subject. TalksOnLaw is a platform for lawyers to teach others, but TalksOnLaw is not your attorney. The attorney speaking on screen is not your lawyer. Laws and judicial interpretation of laws can be complicated, and while it is helpful to learn the basics, there are sometimes exceptions or special circumstances. Treat each video or post on TalksOnLaw as a starting point to dig deeper into a topic. If you have a legal question, consider consulting an attorney to provide you with tailored advice to fit your needs.