Legal Heroes Benefits Program

Lawyers for the Greater Good

Our Legal Heroes Benefits Program offers a mind blowing 75%-90% off of our premium CLE membership to lawyers in government or at not-for-profits that serve the public good. So, if you’re one of the lawyers that defends abused women, fights for civil liberties, the environment, or the poor, click here, or email us at We may already have a partnership with your organization, foundation or charity that entitles you to our legal heroes discount. If not, if you meet a few simple criteria, we can add your organization to the program and get you started quickly and cheaply!






We all know that law is the ultimate profession, but we become lawyers for different reasons. Many become lawyers for the prestige, the money, or perhaps for the joy of yelling “objection” at a guy in a robe...

Yet some amongst us take the legal quest to battle injustice or to defend an ideal...

These women and men are HEROES!



Caveat. Legal heroes don't just work at charities. Biglaw hotshots can rack up heroic Supreme Court wins and crush out righteous victories for their pro bono clients, all while making the biglaw bucks. If this is you, then yes, you are heroic indeed. But this program is not for you. And while you don’t get the discount, you can rest easy that your full price CLE membership is what allows us to offer our Legal Heroes Benefits Program in the first place!