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A REVOLUTION IN CLE.  TalksOnLaw was created by lawyers with a dream to topple the ancient belief that CLE must be boring.  Well not anymore! We have been in your shoes, so here at TalksOnLaw, we decided to change the face of CLE forever by bringing you the best legal learning experience possible.  Each interview passes a rigorous “non­-boring test” before being released to guarantee your enjoyment!

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THE TALKSONLAW PLANET.  We’re a new company, so we don’t offer CLE everywhere… YET.  Currently, we are proud to offer CLE and MCLE for lawyers barred in California, New York, Illinois, Arizona, and more. But what if you practice in Texas or North Carolina or Canada, for example? Fear not, we’re expanding! Just give us a little time to grow :)

CLE MOBILE APP.​  TalksOnLaw is The​ CLE Mobile App!​ Our five star mobile app is, in the vernacular of the early 2000’s, “da bomb.”  Stop doing CLE during office time and earn your credits during your run­-around-­the-­city time, or your waiting-­in-­line time.  With our CLE Mobile App, you can even download talks in advance and watch them later for credit, even if you don’t have wifi or cell service! So, there is literally no limit to where and when you can earn your CLE. Get lost in one of our fascinating talks while taking the Beijing subway, during a flight to Rio, or even while deep sea diving.  Download our free app, and let the learning begin!

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From sport to art to fraud to war, explore the most provocative, controversial, and cutting edge topics in the field of law.

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Learn from legendary practitioners, eminent academics, and the legal pioneers at the top of the profession.

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Brief, fascinating 30-minute courses. So exciting and entertaining, you can just sit back and enjoy.

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