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TOL is on a mission to help everyone better understand the law.

      Since laws govern our lives, we think everyone should understand them. Cue TalksOnLaw - we’re your sanctuary of legal wisdom.  New laws are minted every day and new issues arise all the time, and we’ll do our best to explain them in a clear, enjoyable way.

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      A little history: TOL began in an effort to shake up continuing legal education (CLE) for lawyers — we wanted to transform a tedious obligation into an enjoyable and engaging experience.  So if you’re a lawyer and want CLE courses, click here for the best CLE you’ve ever seen.

      In 2016, with the launch of TOL Briefs, we’re expanding that mission to make UNDERSTANDING THE LAW easy, entertaining, and empowering for everyone.   Free to all, TOL Briefs explain issues ranging from privacy, to discrimination, to sports, to technology, in 5 min or less.

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