Eileen Travis and Meredith Heller

speaker Eileen Travis and Meredith Heller

Even though the incidence of alcohol and substance abuse is higher in the legal profession, so is the rates of recovery higher.

Eileen Travis is the Director of Lawyer Assistance Program at the New York City Bar Association and has served in that role for over 17 years. Prior to joining the New York City Bar Association, she was the Director of the New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens Outpatient Chemical Dependency Program and previously was the Director of Outreach Family Services. LAP offers free and confidential counseling services for mental health and substance abuse to all lawyers, judges, and law students in New York City and, if they violate ethical rules, assist them in rehabilitating themselves and re-establishing their careers.

Meredith Heller is the former chair of the New York City Bar Association's Lawyer Assistance Program. She is a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience in both civil and criminal litigation and has handled state and federal criminal defense at all levels. She also represents attorneys in disciplinary proceedings and bar applicants through the admissions process. She is also a member of the New York City Bar Association’s Professional Ethics Committee. Heller frequently speaks at First Department orientation programs and at law schools about substance abuse in the legal profession and the resources available to lawyers.