Phillip Miller

speaker Phillip Miller

Providing law libraries is not enough. It doesn’t mean that [inmates] can actually read and understand what they’re reading… and figure out how to apply it to the facts of their case.

Phillip Miller is the former Associate Director of Policy at the Correctional Association of New York (CANY). CANY is the only independent organization in New York with authority under state law to monitor prisons and reports its findings to the legislature and the broader public. Previously, he worked with individuals affected by employment and housing discrimination resulting from their criminal histories at the Legal Action Center.  He has also worked as a litigation paralegal, working on criminal defense and prison conditions issues. He has experience working with at-risk youth in attempts to dissuade them from making decisions that might lead to incarceration. Miller is formerly incarcerated and developed a passion for law while working as a “jailhouse lawyer” for 17 years of his 20-year sentence.