Prof. Nathalie Martin

speaker Prof. Nathalie Martin

Nathalie Martin is a professor of law and the Associate Dean for Faculty Development at the University of New Mexico School of Law. She joined the UNM law faculty in 1998. Her research focuses on consumer law and bankruptcy, as well as elder law. Her recent research focuses on high-cost loans, such as payday, title, and installment loans, as well as the Mindfulness in Law movement. Her high-cost loan projects include several empirical studies funded by the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges, including one that funded curbside interviews of payday loan customers and another that studied the credit habits of undocumented New Mexicans. Her works have been cited by the New Mexico Supreme Court, the California Supreme Court, and the United States Supreme Court. She is the author Yoga for Lawyers: Mind Body Connections To Feel Better All The Time, as well as Lawyering from the Inside Out: Learning Professional Development through Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. She routinely advises law students on managing stress while practicing law in a healthy and productive way. In addition to teaching law, she teaches meditation and yoga.

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