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What Makes a TalksOnLaw Talk?

TalksOnLaw is the perfect combination of learning and enjoyment. There’s a multi-step formula we go through to ensure that you are watching the finest, most engaging, continuing legal education ("CLE") accredited content out there. Here's how we do it.

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1. Cutting Edge Topics.  TalksOnLaw topics are powerful, contemporary, and controversial.  These are topics you see in the news but with the in-depth treatment that allows you to truly know the issue.  Sophisticated enough for lawyers, but relevant to all of us, these are the legal issues that impact our society financially and culturally, and determine our very freedoms.  From privacy to technology, from sports to drugs to international warfare, welcome to TalksOnLaw.

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2. Brilliant, World-Class Experts.  We search the globe to find the leading experts on the most important legal issues of our day.  We bring you leading professors from the top law schools, eminent judges, and some of the top practitioners in the game! Ok, no we don’t have an interview with Obama.  But maybe next year he’ll have more time! ;)

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3. Engaging, Entertaining Format.  You are passionate about the key issues, but you’re busy and you, frankly, don’t have time for boring.  TalksOnLaw talks are brief, dynamic interviews that are easy on the eyes.  We spend the extra time and the resources to make the on-screen magic that will hold your attention.

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4. Mobile App and Tablet Friendly.  TalksOnLaw is truly mobile.  Our stunning 5 Star Rated TOL mobile app allows you to move your learning and CLE time to your commute, the gym, or anywhere in between.  We know you're busy, so pop in your headphones, enjoy and learn on you go!.